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Wines and olive oil

Families of wines

Born from our centenary old vines

The slow fermentations, the long macerations and the natural stabilizations that we practice allow us to produce complex wines with great structure and long-ageing potential. These are wines that reflect the diversity and quality of the grapes from our vineyards.

Clos Gebrat

Fine wines


An unconventional Priorat


Single variety wines

Mas dels Frares

A contemporary Priorat

Vins de Vila

Wines from great people

Tasting notes

by Frank Smulders MW

“In 1995 I visited Vinícola del Priorat for the first time, and I have worked with their wines for several years. They have always been produced properly, faithful to what they represent and with a good value for money. Over the years, Vinícola del Priorat has constantly advanced and evolved, adding more and more interesting wines to its production. The current range offers excellent wines, all of them very representative of this region as unique as Priorat, and for all tastes. The great value price of the wines still exists today. And is currently complemented by exceptional quality levels, culminating in the fascinating collection “Vi de Vila”. These are exclusive single-vineyard wines from each of the towns that make up this cooperative. For me, Vinícola del Priorat has become one of the best cooperatives in Spain, a source of outstanding wines from one of the best wine regions in the world”

Olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Superior Quality

We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil of a superior quality from the cultivation of old olive trees of the Arbequina variety and by a respectful harvesting to ensure the quality of the fruit. 

Molí Nou

Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive oil

Pedra de Molí

Premium Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive oil


The origins of tradition

Wines rooted to our origins and history. Sweet wines, “ranci” wines and vermouths that speak of a long wine tradition.

Mas dels Frares

The origins of tradition