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Vinícola del Priorat

Wines of great people

Located in the heart of the Priorat, Vinícola del Priorat is the heiress of the local cooperatives of the villages of Gratallops, El Lloar, La Vilella Alta and La Vilella Baixa, founded since the year 1917.

The winery

More than 400 partners and 500 hectares of production

The winery is located in the municipality of Gratallops, but Vinícola del Priorat spreads to El Lloar, Vilella Baixa and Vilella Alta. Vinícola del Priorat today is a single cooperative winery under the auspices of 140 families that manage more than 300 small plots (210 hectares of vineyards and 320 of olive trees) within these four towns. A project born from the partnership of people to adapt to new times and based on quality and professionalisation. Vinícola del Priorat is nowadays the only cooperative in the Priorat region that manages all the production process, from vine growing and wine making to commercialization of the wine.

Tradition and quality

Our families have known how to keep alive the tradition and millenary culture of wine in this territory, working hand by hand with the team of professionals from Vinícola del Priorat.

The rugged landscape of the Priorat, with vines growing on steep slopes that can exceed 30% of unevenness, the distinctive slate soil and the advanced age of the vineyards (the centuries-old vineyards are our treasure) are the cornerstone of our wines. 

The inheritance of a wine culture passed from generation to generation and the joint work, are what allow us today to produce a high standard quality wine. A wine that we serve in your glass with the hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.


The landscape unit that makes the D.O.Q. Priorat arises from a human and geological heritage. The territory and the distinctive slate soil of this region, called “llicorella”, defines its personality.

Priorat is a region with strong personality, influenced by agronomic and geologic features, its towns and people, its history and the artisanal agriculture that we find.

Paisatge Gratallops | Vinícola del Priorat


Gratallops is located in the most central area of ​​the D.O.Q. Priorat. The municipality is limited by the Siurana river in the south and the Montsant river in the west, which converge at the south-western end of the term. The slopes of the southern half of the municipality are of the smoothest in the region, becoming one of the most cultivated areas of the entire D.O.Q. Seen from a distance, the town looks like a crown of houses due to the small mound where it is established. Its silhouette can be recognized from a distance and forms one of the characteristic skylines of the D.O.Q. Priorat.

Altitude: 321 m.
Surface: 13.50 square kilometers.
Population: 237 inhabitants.

El Lloar

El Lloar is located in the western part of the region, to the right of the river Montsant, which forms the eastern limit. Its municipal area is small, but with a very rugged mountain terrain. The cliff of the rock stands out, with deep ravines that fall towards the Montsant river. Like the neighbouring Gratallops, the town of Lloar has a characteristic silhouette that stands out on the back of a ridge. Located to the west of the D.O.Q. Priorat, its municipal area extends from the cliffs of the western mountains to the east by the Montsant river.

Altitude: 210 m.
Surface: 6.60 square kilometers.
Population: 123 inhabitants.

La Vilella Alta

Municipality located in the valley that forms the Escaladei stream, until shortly before its confluence with the Montsant River, within the neighboring district of La Figuera. To the right of the river, the cliffs of the Montalts rise. The term is rugged by the southern slopes of the Serra del Montsant. The town is aligned around the main street, the “Carrer Major”, on a ridge and the adjacent slopes, slightly elevated with respect to the Escaladei stream, which runs through the entire municipality at the foot of the Montalts cliffs.

Altitude: 327 m.
Surface: 5.20 square kilometers.
Population: 135 inhabitants.

La Vilella Baixa

The village of La Vilella Baixa is located right at the confluence of the Montsant river and the Escaladei stream, on steep slopes that give an extraordinarily tall appearance to some of its houses. The municipality is also arranged at a confluence between the ridges of La Figuera and the southernmost ends of Montsant. Crop fields grow on its slopes.

Altitude: 218 m.
Area: 5.60 square kilometers.
Population: 193 inhabitants.