Harvest 2022 is already here

Harvest 2022 has already begun

Although this year the campaign has advanced slightly, from Vinícola del Priorat we propose two interactive activities for the whole family to be able to experience a harvest day in the purest Priorat style.



Day: Saturday October 1.

Place: Gratallops.

Details of the activity: Live a total grape harvest experience in the heart of Priorat. We will accompany local farmers to harvest a 75-year-old vineyard of Garnachas and Cariñenas. You will participate in the process of treading and entry of the grape. Therefore, it will be a member of the Winery, which will help to make the wines of the following vintage.

So much so, that with the participation of this activity, you will receive a bottle of wine from the following vintage.

Price: €35/person.

Duration: 4 hours approx.


Days: September 17 and 24.

Place: Gratallops.

Details of the activity: With this activity suitable for the whole family, you will witness the entire harvest process in Priorat, accompany the grape harvesters and see how the grapes are harvested, the work environment in the field and all the processes that we follow for the entry into the warehouse.

The visit includes a final tasting of three wines from our cellar.

Price: €20/person

Duration: 2 hours approx.

RESERVATIONS: Places for these activities are limited. Therefore, to make a reservation you can send an email to enoturisme@vinicoladelpriorat.com or by calling +34 678987796.


Morning of harvest in the heart of Priorat

“The harvest. Everybody knows what the harvest is. It is always news. The papers talk about it and the media films eye-catching reports. It is a time for happiness, a time of expectation before the new harvest, everyone talks about it.

As if the farmers only stepped foot on the vineyards then, while the journalists watch over us and the tourists share photos on Instagram.”


Well, this year you can join us!

Vinícola del Priorat opens its doors and invites you to live the harvest first-hand! On September 28 come live a unique morning at the heart of Priorat:we will go to the vineyards and we will show you how to taste the grape and how to pick it. We will work hard and sweat! But don’t worry, we will also have time to rest and have a breakfast in the vineyards. Later, we will go to the cellar and do a guided tour through our facilities, and we will end it with a wine and must tasting. Finally, you will enjoy a typical Priorat lunch paired with our wines. The harvest is a time for happiness and the heart of Priorat is the best place to enjoy it!



Saturday, 28 September, 9:00-14:00. Limited bookings! Advanced booking is required. 
Price: harvest activity 25€. Harvest + lunch 60€. Children up to 16, 12€.
Information and bookings: enoturisme@vinicoladelpriorat.com // 678 98 77 96